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Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) LLP — Russian Practice of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP, international law firm.
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Employees about GBLP

Managing Partner of Goltsblat BLP, Senior Partner Corporate, M&A and Investment Projects

How I became a lawyer:

My current personal practice far exceeds what I could have imagined. I had never dreamed of becoming a lawyer and it happened rather by accident. Following my compulsory military service in the USSR paratrooper division, I was admitted to the Law School of the Soviet Union Interior Ministry and graduated in Law with distinction. It was the time of Boris Eltsin, when the USSR was collapsing and history was being created right outside my office at the first Russian Parliament, where I held the position of Head of Staff of the Constitutional Commission. In August 1991, tanks went out into the streets of Moscow and this saw the demise of the Soviet Union. I continued my career at the Parliament and, in 1993, again watched, from my second floor windows, as tanks rolled past. Then Boris Eltsin (the First Russian President) dismissed Parliament. The work on the First Russian Constitution was almost completed and Boris Eltsin put it up for a referendum. It became The Law at the end of 1993. A new Russian Duma was elected and I quit my job, as there was no longer such enthusiasm and excitement.

Head of Translation Department

Tamara, you have been with the firm since its inception and have worked with the team for over 10 years. How does GBLP differ from companies you worked in previously?

Ambition and a refusal rest on one’s laurels. The ability to set high goals -- or, as they say in English, the desire to “hitch your wagon to a star”. Plus, of course, boldness, a readiness to take risks, even in difficult times.

Why do you think GBLP is managing to gain additional market shares and position itself successfully on the legal market?

I think the main factors are professional flexibility and the ability to be proactive.

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